Reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria Promotes good hygiene and health.
  • Formulated according to WHO recommended guidelines for alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers
  • Recommended use: Hand and skin disinfection. Disinfects on contact and then evaporates
  • Efficacy first: The use of a high grade alcohol ensures maximum efficacy from an alcohol-based product
  • Added emollients: Replaces lost natural skin oils to negate the drying effect of an alcohol-based product
  • Safe: Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable

Hand Sanitiser Liquid - Spray Lid
100ml : Code HSS-100-ST
70% Alcohol
*Branding option: Add your Logo
Hand Sanitiser Gel - Flip Lid
150ml : Code HSG-150-AM
70% Alcohol
*Branding option: add your logo
MOQ: 500 units for branded bottles
Hand sanitisers with custom logo
Hand Sanitiser - Trigger Lid
750ml : Code HST-750-ST
70% Alcohol
Hand Sanitiser Liqid
5L : Code HSL-005-ST
70% Alcohol
Hand Sanitiser Liquid
25L : Code HSL-025-ST
70% Alcohol
All sanitisers are manufactured as per the recommendation of the WHO. Labels as per the official requirements, including all ingredients, uses and warnings as per the label regulatory act. We have conscientiously chosen sustainable and credible manufacturers to bring you a quality product. MSDS available on request.

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Hand Sanitiser Liquid w/Tap
25L : Code HSLT-005-ST
70% Alcohol
Hand Sanitiser Liquid w/Tap & Trigger
25L : Code HSLTT-025-ST
70% Alcohol